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Dâm Bop Tâm Quât

Ha Long Bay Vietnam Vịnh Hạ Long

In Vietnam, massage has been practiced as a medical method of preventing and treating diseases for thousands of years. Throughout Vietnamese medical history, many Oriental therapists in have written therapeutic massage books. Massage has played an important role in treating and preserving people’s health.

vietnamese massage Dâm Bop Tâm Quât

Practiced for centuries by the people of Vietnam, the Vietnamese traditional massage is an amalgamation of two forms of massage from the north and south of the country. Have the logical  influences from tuina chinese massage and thai massage, because are very much nearly from those countries and cultures.. It uses the pressure of the fingers, palms and vibration.

A traditional Vietnamese massage, also known as “tam quat,” (Tẩm quất) and Dâm Bop Tâm Quât… is an intense yet refreshing experience.

Although less popular than its Thai massage counterpart, Vietnamese massages can relax a body in a way like no other.

  • Build strength and endurance.  A Vietnamese massage is known for being powerful and initially tough on the skin and body. The benefits for your partner come after the session is done. As the masseuse, your entire body needs to be fully ready for the challenge before you even think about giving this type of massage. Lift weights and include cardiovascular activity in your routine so that your massages will be strong and will be able to last the full 60 minutes of a typical Vietnamese massage session.
  • Generate force. When you’re putting pressure on a certain area of the body, use momentum and the full w

    vietnamese massage Dâm Bop Tâm Quât

    eight of your whole body to apply as much force as possible. Take advantage of gravity to hit your partner’s body with plenty of energy. Dig in by positioning your body over your arm so that your weight transfers to that specific spot. Give a hard rub to finish off the movement, and then prepare for the next area of her body.

  • Pull as much as you push. European people are accustomed to massages that involve using pressure, but Vietnamese massage takes it one step further and also incorporates a lot of pulling. Tugging at the limbs is a different way of encouraging blood circulation and also helps to reset joints. Hold your partner’s limb at the wrist and elbow or ankle and knee, and pull toward you. Also try slightly twisting the limb and pulling in various directions.
  • Make sounds. The intensity of a Vietnamese massage is partly due to the various groans and shouts that the masseuse makes while carrying out the techniques. There’s more power in a movement when you exhale and let your voice loose. When you make contact with the skin, release a grunt or a roar that signifies the effort you’re putting into the act. Each movement should be accompanied by its own sound. The combination of skin pounding and slapping with your vocal exhalations is what makes the experience exciting for your partner.

Experience the magic of indulgence, vitality and relaxation with this Vietnamese massage. It is based on hand pressing and arm stroking techniques, performed in an empathic manner, in which the masseur does not decide on your behalf, how deep or intense the massage should be, but instead listens and tunes-in to your bodily needs on that particular moment and responds accurately. Then you feel heard, respected and glorious.

massage vietnameseVietnamese Massage techniques are different from those you know in western countries. Vietnamese masseuses do not hesitate to walk on your back directly to get a better effect. It’s stronger and harder. It includes three types of manual operations, namely the mixing, kneading and vibration techniques.

The practice is done both soft and hard manner. The therapist, use strongly pressures of palms and fingers, sometime their feets are used.

The major lesson from this Vietnamese massage is: be generous to yourself.

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什么是泰式按摩? What is Thai Massage ?


thai massage madrid xiao ying 泰式按摩

Thai massage originated in ancient India, the West , the founder of the ancient Indian king physician Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha , he has still regarded as the father of health of the Thai people .

His knowledge of traditional medicine knowledge and massage techniques brought by the missionary monk in Thailand by Thai King summoned , they absorb a wide range of traditional medicine and massage valuable experience , these experiences etched in marble, inlaid in瓦特波of the Reclining Buddha veranda wall. Traditional Thai massage here to become a base for training .


  1. 向心性:泰式按摩一般从足部开始做,并向人体中心部位以點壓、按结合的手法进行按摩。

thai massage back strech 泰式按摩马德里

  2. 细膩性:泰式按摩多采用细膩的指壓法,注重对人体四肢和大肌肉群进行重复拉伸推捏等,使手掌心的力量均匀滲透到肌肉深处,以起到疏通经络、调和气血的作用。   3. 关节活动性:通过指壓后颈部、腰部、四指部的旋轉,扭动反扳背法等手法的广泛应用,起到活动关节,舒筋活络的作用。   4. 治疗、保健二重性:泰式按摩具有明显的消除疲劳、放松肌肉、调解情志等作用,同时对肌肉损伤、痛风、炎症等有明显疗效。


1. concentric : Thai massage is generally started from the foot , to the point of pressure in the central part of the body , according to a combination of massage techniques . 2. delicate nature : use more delicate Thai massage acupressure , focusing on human limbs and large muscle groups push kneading repeated stretching , so that the power of the palm evenly penetrate deep into the muscle to play the dredge meridians, qi and blood effects . 3. joint mobility : refers to the pressure applied by a wide range of neck , waist, rotating four fingers , and twist anti- pull back method and other techniques , played joints , Shujin role. 4. treatment , care duality : Thai massage has obvious fatigue, muscle relaxation , mediation and other emotional effects , while muscle damage , gout, and inflammation have significant effect.   作用



Massage is a specific part of the body surface , penetration through the skin by way of physical stimulation , applied to the muscle, fascia , tendons, bones and joints, nerve, blood vessels, and other lymphoid tissue , and the regulation of body fluids through the nerves and soft tissue and bone and joint adjusted to produce a series of physiological and pathological changes , leaving the body to restore function to play the purpose of treating disease.


  1. 松解黏连,可使黏连的肌筋分离开。   2. 改善肌肉血液循环,促进肌酸等代谢产物的排出。   3. 能增加肌肉紧张的代谢产物的溶解度,放松肌肉,解除疲劳。   4. 能主动增加关节的活动,使关节更加灵活,起到舒筋活络,滑利关节的作用。   5. 能调节人体气血,助消化。   6. 全套动作几乎将人体全身按摩一遍,手法轻柔和缓,使人缓和紧张的情绪

Thai massage has the following effects:

1. Release adhesion , adhesion of the muscles and tendons can be separated . 2. Improve muscle blood circulation, promote the discharge of creatine and other metabolites. 3. Muscle tension can increase the solubility of metabolites , relax muscles , relieve fatigue. 4. Can take the initiative to increase joint activities, so that the joints more flexible... 5. Can regulate human blood , aid digestion . 6. Full- body massage action almost human again, gentle gentle way , people ease the tension.

thai massage 泰式按摩


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什么是灸感? What is moxibustion sense?

很多关于艾灸的书籍都指出,艾灸时出现灸感可以促进身体康复的速度,但大部分对于灸感的描述都不详细,不少朋友在实际操作中不了解什么是灸感,有的甚至将烧灼的疼痛做为灸感来追求,影响了养生治病的效果。下面就从几方面详细的解决一下关于灸感的问题。 moxibustion 所谓灸感,从字面上理解是做艾灸治疗时身体的感觉,由于人的个体不一样,所产生的灸感也不尽相同。传导是最佳的灸感,也是做艾灸最应当追求的效果。当艾灸某一个穴位时,温热感由这个穴位沿着一定的经络轨迹向其它的穴位行走,这通常也叫做感传。大家知道艾灸的治病健身作用是利用了艾草具有通经活络的特性,如果艾灸时没有传导,只是对一个穴位起作用,而出现了感传,说明通过一个穴位调节了所传导到的几个穴位或者几条经络,这样对身体气血的调节作用就得到了增强,治病健身的效果肯定会得到提高。

由于人体经络的情况不一样,并不是所有人在艾灸时都会出现感传,大多数人第一次并不会出现传导,而只是感觉到温热,随着艾灸时间长了,经络堵塞被逐渐打通,到一定程度后才会出现传导。除了传导外,艾灸过程中出现凉、热、痛、痒等感觉通常也被看做是灸感的一种,这是因为在艾灸的作用下,人体经络穴位被疏通的过程中,人的神经所感觉到的变化,凉时会有冰冻的感觉,热时会让人全身汗出,痒时会让人难以忍受,出现这些感觉,往往预示着艾灸对治病健身有效,说明艾灸在对身体的调节发挥着作用。 也有很多人在接触艾灸后一段时间并没有任何的感觉,这种现象与人的经络敏感度有并,也与人的体质有关系,灸字本就有长久的意思,只要坚持不懈的利用艾灸来改善自己的体质,不出现灸感也会潜移默化的增强人体的抵抗力,让人们在不知不觉中获得健康.

xiaoying massage web

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massage madrid spain
Chinese massage What are the benefits?
中医推拿的作用是疏通经络,行气活血, 滑利关节。《素问·血气形志篇》中说:“形数惊恐,经络不通,病生于不仁,治之以按摩醪药。”《素问·举痛论》中说:“寒气客于背俞之脉则脉泣,脉泣则血 虚,血虚则痛,其俞注于心,故相引而痛。按之则热气至,热气至则痛止矣。”《医宗金鉴·正骨心法要旨》中说:“因跌扑闪失,以致骨缝开错,气血郁滞,为肿 为痛,宜用按摩法。按其经络,以通郁闭之气,摩其壅聚,以散瘀结之肿,其患可愈。”

经络遍布于全身,内属于脏腑,外络于肢 节,沟通和联结人体所有的脏腑、器官、孔窍及皮毛、筋肉、骨骼等组织,再通过气血在经络中运行,组成了整体的联系。推拿手法作用于体表局部,在局部通经 络、行气血、濡筋骨,并且由于气血循着经络的分布流注全身,能影响到内脏及其他部位。如按揉背部十一、十二椎旁开一寸半的脾俞、胃俞能健脾和胃,按点合谷 穴可止牙痛。由此可知,推拿治病不仅是

chinese massage in Madrid Spain 中医推拿


Meridians throughout the body, the organs are outside the network in the limb, communication and link all the body's organs, organs, orifices and fur, muscle, bone and other tissues, blood running through the meridians, the composition of the overall link . Manipulation effects on local surface, the partial flow of Qi and blood, moisten bones, and because the distribution of blood flow injection follow the body meridians, can affect internal organs and other parts. Such as rubbing the back of eleven, twelve paraspinal open a half inches of spleen, stomach Yu spleen and stomach, according to point Hoku can stop a toothache. It can be seen, massage treatment is painful to lose not only, but also must be based on the principles of meridian linked, acupoints along meridians.


Modern medicine, massage and physical stimulation, so that the role of district biophysical and biochemical changes induced, localized tissue physiological reaction that, by reflex and humoral regulation of circulation, on the one hand be strengthened, on the other hand causing the overall secondary reactions, resulting in a series of changes in the pathophysiological process, to achieve a therapeutic effect.

通过神经、体液,局部操作的推拿手法能对整体和其他组织产生作用。推拿能调整神经系统兴奋和抑制的相对平衡。缓和较轻而又节律的手法,反复刺激,对神经有镇静抑制的作用。急速较重、时间较短的手法,对神经有兴奋的作用。有人观察推拿后脑电图变 化,见a波振幅增大,而且振幅增大的时间延续,这个现象可能是推拿后引起内抑制的发展所致。根据脊髓节段反射,推拿颈部,可以调节上肢及脑内血液循环,降 低颅内压,并有降低血压的作用;在l~2胸椎部,用振动和叩击的手法,能引起心动反射,表现为心肌收缩;振动叩击1~2腰椎,可使小骨盆充血;捏脊,可引 起胃肠蠕动增快;按压缺盆穴处的交感神经星状结节,可发生瞳孔扩大,血管舒张,同侧肢体皮肤温度增高;推拿下腹部及大腿内侧,可引起膀胱收缩而排尿,治疗 尿潴留;推拿腹部可促进胃肠蠕动和消化腺分泌。

Through the nerves , body fluids , manipulation of the overall local operations and other organizations can have an effect . Massage can adjust the nervous system excitation and inhibition relative balance . But lighter approach to ease rhythm , repeated stimulation , inhibition of nerve sedative effect . Rapid heavier, shorter approach, the role of the nervous excitement . After the massage was observed EEG changes , see a wave amplitude increases, the time and amplitude increases continuation of this phenomenon may be caused by the suppression of the development of the massage caused . According spinal segments reflection , massage neck, upper limb and the brain can regulate blood circulation , reduce intracranial pressure , and lower blood pressure ; thoracic department at l ~ 2 , vibration and percussion techniques, can cause cardiac reflex , the performance of myocardial contractility ; vibration tapping 1-2 lumbar , pelvic congestion can make small ; Chiropractic , which can cause stomach and intestines faster ; pressing sympathetic stellate nodules Quepen caves , can occur pupil dilation, blood vessels diastolic , ipsilateral limb skin temperature increased ; abdomen and inner thighs under massage , can cause bladder contraction and voiding treatment of urinary retention ; abdominal massage can promote gastrointestinal motility and digestive gland secretion.

chinese medical massage 中医推拿 Chinese Massage



Massage can still cause changes in blood composition and metabolic. Laboratory proof: After the massage phagocytic leukocytes and increased leukocyte changes increased the proportion of lymphocytes, red blood cells slightly increased serum complement titer, oxygen requirement, ranked nitrogen excretion, urine output and carbon dioxide also have increased.

In summary, the role of massage, mainly to improve the body's function, but it is not only therapeutic massage functional disorders of organic diseases powerless. We know that the so-called organic disease and functional lesions, can not be cut.


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Four Hand Massage

The four hand massage may be the best choice because the benefits are very similar as other massage styles, but the relaxation and pain relief may arrive more quickly because twice the work is being done to the body. Many people enjoy four hand massage because they find it extremely effective and relaxing, and they enjoy the sensation of being pampered by two massage therapists.



四手按摩现在是很流行的,已经被添加到许多的温泉度假胜地的温泉菜单。(有些人甚至有八手的按摩。) 四手按摩在很短时间内可以减轻人身体上的疲劳同让人达到放松身体的效果。

four hand massage in MadridFour-hands-massage is also healing for our minds as well as our bodies. Having an extra pair of hands do some bodywork can create a different sensation in our minds. At first, our mind tries to figure out who is doing which motions but as time goes on, we start to let go and give our minds a rest, allowing our bodies to drift into a deeply relaxed state. A four-hand massage is perfect for the overworked clients that need lots of care. Our "four hand massage" it´s Balinese massage inspiration for Wellbeing.


relaxing four hand massage  Why get a Four-Hands Massage? When two therapists and four hands hit your body, your mind reacts differently. At first you might find yourself trying to keep track of the therapists, where each one is and what each one is doing, struggling to keep it all in a very logical order in your head. But very quickly your brain realizes it’s not sure who is doing what, and gives up control. This is a powerful treatment for anyone who has a hard time letting go during treatments.

In Our Massage Center in Madrid you will enjoy the pleasure and relaxation of having four hands massaging you at all times during the session... and now... We have this massage in Offer for your pleasure and wellbeing.

For more information about the therapeutic and relaxing massages in Madrid visit our web site and choose your favourite treatment.

Contact us ( 联系我们 ) now and enjoy:

Dirección Calle de Hermosilla 102 1ºA, 28009 Madrid

Metro Manuel Becerra (Líneas 2 y 6) y Goya (Linea 2 y 4)


Teléfono (+34) 686 57 60 91  (We speak English, Chinese, Cantonese and Spanish)


Horario de aperturaMonday to Saturday 11:00 a 21:00 h

asian massage madrid

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Welcome to Massage Xiao Ying in Madrid

Experience and enjoy Traditional Balinese Massage in Madrid. Wherever you may be, we would be more than willing to provide you a relaxing, stress free traditional Balinese massage巴厘岛按摩

balinese massage

Experience the complete sensation of Balinese Massage.  The traditional Balinese massage in our center is heaven sent healing for you to relieve your stress away. So, experience the inner joy and relaxation with us.

Submerge yourself in nature’s sweet caress of tender, loving care through a traditional Balinese massage.




巴厘式按摩是一种类型的印尼按摩,结合了芳香疗法和穴位按摩以及按摩,以促进自然愈合。 其中一个按摩通常需要花费大量的时间,所以你应该确保在会话是足够长的第一 一个理想的巴厘式按摩,可从90到120分钟采取的任何地方。

Balinese massage in MadridMore so, massages are traditional way of detoxifying the body to get rid of stress. It is a means of relaxing by applying pressure to stimulate the inner muscles.

It has several health benefits like enhancing blood circulation and further allowing the body organs to perform at par.

Hence, it promotes a healthy mind and body – mens sana in corpore sano.

xiao ying massage center in Madrid

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Chinese Massage is an ancient tradition, being part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This effective and comprehensive therapy is also closely related to Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture and Acupressure.

Chinese Massage encompasses five related and overlapping treatment components:

  •     Amno, press and rub – Massage for rejuvenation and health maintenance.
  •     Tui-na, push and grasp – Sophisticated medical massage used to treat injuries, joint and muscle problems and internal disorders.
  •     Infant Tuina – Chinese treatment for babies and young children. This differs to standard treatment.
  •     Dian Xue, point press – Use of simple pressure techniques similar to acupressure.
  •     Wai Qi Liao Fa, curing with external qi (energy) – Healing with direct transmission by qigong masters after many years of rigorous training and discipline.

chinese massage Central to all components exists the idea that massage affects the physical body with the Qi body (network of energy) and the mental body (emotions, thoughts and spiritual senses).

Chinese Massage primarily focuses on acupoints where Qi gathers and can be easily manipulated. Massage techniques are understood to activate and regulate Qi and blood as well as to promote relaxation which eases spasms, increases flexibility and straightens the joints.

Since pain is cTui Na massage in Madridonsidered a lack of free flow of Qi and blood, Chinese Massage treatment creates movement and is therefore seen as a powerful treatment for pain relief.

Chinese Massage is almost always given on a couch or a stool. Anmo massage for relaxation aims to give a balanced full body treatment. A session can last up to two hours and is a very deep experience.

Tuina massage is for specific health problems and based on the treatment principles, specific techniques are combined to treat the presenting complaint and underlying pattern. Depending upon the type of massage, clients may be lightly clothed or partially uncovered.

asian massage madrid

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传统泰式按摩马德里   taishianmo


thai massage 泰式按摩  Thai Massage

泰式保健按摩是流行于泰国的一种按摩方式,以活动关节为主,无穴位之说,不同于中式按摩。简便易学,难易适中,实用性强。泰式按摩非常注重背部、腰部的舒展,按摩师从脚趾开始一直作业到头顶才算结束一套动作,从足部向心脏方向进行按摩。手法几乎涵盖了按、摸、拉、拽、揉、捏等所有动作.泰式按摩是跪式服务,左右手交替动作,用力柔和、均匀、速度适中、顺序进行。浴后经泰式保健按摩,可以使人快速消除疲劳,恢复体能,还可增强关节韧带的弹性和活力,恢复正常的关节活动功能,达到促进体液循环,保健防病,健体美容的功效。 泰式古法按摩,除了大家熟悉的关节纾整外,更有自成一套的经脉、穴位按压及伸展理论。利用手指、 泰式按摩。

泰式按摩 手臂、膝部和双腿等按摩对方穴位,又在肌肉和关节上按压和伸展,令身体、精神和心灵回复平衡,促进血液循环、呼吸系统、神经系统、消化系统运作正常和肌肉皮肤新陈代谢。定期进行,令人体精神和肉体保持最佳状态。中泰按摩  泰式推油泰式按摩手法 泰式按摩是古代泰王招待皇家贵宾的最高礼节。



主打功效——增强身体柔韧性: 如果你希望活动关节、舒缓肌肉、增强身体柔韧性,又不愿或没有时间主动运动,不妨试试泰式按摩。这种按摩其实是对体验者施以的被动瑜伽,利用独特的推拉蹬摇踩等手法,通过压足、压腰、踩脊等方式作用于肌肉筋膜和关节等部位,按摩后如同进行了高强度运动。 (其他功效——缓解身心疲劳、加速脂肪燃烧、调节胃肠等脏器功能、增强免疫力)。



C/Hermosilla, 102, 1º A


电话: 686 57 60 91

电子邮箱: masajesorientalesmadrid@gmail.com

asian massage madrid

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“La salud es más que la simple ausencia de enfermedad.

La salud es la presencia de la alegría, la energía, la paz y la capacidad de contribuir a los demás”.

masajes orientales MadridEstamos viviendo en un mundo que cambia continuamente.

Desde el ámbito tecnológico y medioambiental hasta el punto de vista socio-económico, el progreso y la regresión tienen lugar simultáneamente cada segundo de cada hora y de cada día.

Nos guste o no, tenemos que lidiar con eso para que no nos encontremos a nosotros mismos a la zaga y en un estado de miseria letárgica. Por lo tanto, lo único que hacemos es trabajar, trabajar y más trabajar.

Pero… ¿y nosotros? ¿Dónde estamos en ésta vorágine? ¿Qué pasó con nuestro bienestar, con nuestra salud, con nuestro descanso… con nuestro propio yo? A menudo sentimos que vivimos para trabajar o que los problemas nos agobian. Las preocupaciones no nos dejan dormir bien, nos sentimos presionados, no tenemos tiempo para hacer las cosas que nos gustan…en definitiva, somos presas del estrés.

Es muy recomendado el contar a diario con unos minutos para nosotros mismos. No es cuestión de tenerlos, sino de hacérselos, tendremos que gestionar mejor nuestro tiempo y hacernos el hueco para cuidar de nosotros y restablecer nuestro equilibrio necesario. Parece que lo urgente siempre ocupa todo tu día y nos olvidamos de nuestras necesidades, de retomar parte de nuestro propio espacio.

La Casa del Masaje Oriental Xiao Ying existe para ayudar a redescubrir la felicidad inherente a su estilo de vida y que ha estado pasando sin ser apreciado, sin ser contemplado… Y dar eficaz respuesta al imprescindible Bienestar y la insustituible Salud.masaje asiático madrid

Si usted está cansado, estresado, aburrido o simplemente necesita un momento de “stop” para recuperarse, le haremos recuperar la experiencia de lo que es sentirse bien por dentro y por fuera, vibrante y renovado… Nuestras bien entrenadas terapeutas-masajistas se asegurarán de que ello ocurra.

“Considerar la recepción de un buen masaje terapéutico como “una de las mejores inversiones en salud es un enfoque personal, social y comercialmente de gran visión a medio y largo plazo”.
Centro de terapias corporales con técnicas asiáticas que incorpora los mejores masajes, tratamientos, terapias alternativas y complementarias, que coinciden con técnicas que se vienen usando en Asia desde hace miles de años.
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"Dicen que recibir un masaje lomi lomi es como sentir el suave balanceo de las olas del mar sobre el cuerpo".

Lomi Lomi Nui masaje hawaiano lomi lomi

Masaje Hawaiano Relajante de muy Alta Calidad en Madrid

Masajista Oriental. Telf.- 686576091 web: http://www.masajes-xiaoying-madrid.com

Pruebe un Gran y Excelente Masaje.

"No ofrecemos servicios sexuales. No pierda su tiempo solicitándolos". Este es un Masaje totalmente profesional y respetuoso con sus orígenes y propósitos.



  • : Centro de Masajes Asiáticos en Madrid
  • Centro de Masajes Asiáticos en Madrid
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